Don't forget to do these things while you're still a student

Hi Friends.

Four words for you to consider: Maximise your student times.

Whether it’s learning as much as you can, having heaps of fun, making incredible mistakes, or being a creative cheaparse, have a crack at everything you can right now.

You’re basically invincible, so why tf not take advantage?

The social network

Spend some quality time chatting and networking with the talent pool at your disposal. Sure, we suppose that applies to attractive people in your course… but we actually mean academics and leaders in your field. Those cliches about ‘it’s who you know, not what you know’ and ‘right place, right time’ – they’re actually legit things that come into play as an adult, so get ahead now.


Pay student price at galleries and the movies, use your travel concession to explore the city during your downtime, and, for the love of Lovehoney #spon, invest in some discounted dildos!

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Netflix and upskill

With the crazy pace of the Information Age, it may seem like you don’t even have enough time to binge Queer Eye… but that'll be there whenever you want it. Uni/TAFE/college resources will not. And look: as good as it is, there are just some things you can’t learn from Netflix. Make the most of your learning institution’s resources rn: namely, the library and exxy equipment you can’t afford.

Be selective with electives

It’s tempting to choose subjects you know you’ll ace to score easy credit points... but you’re forking out the big bucks on an education, bb! Push yourself. Go for something you care and are curious about. If it turns out you're not into it, you’ve always got until the census date to bail, so you can’t rly lose.

Comfort? Style? Why don't we have both?!

Why wait until Week 10 to debut your trackies-and-thongs ensemble when you can flaunt it from Week One? Come on, dude: the student bar isn’t a catwalk; you’re here to play pool and sink schooies in a dimly-lit hall. Might as well be comfy as.

Take advantage of sick student discounts and cop essentials on the cheap while you can.

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