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Evernote 50% Off - UNiDAYS student discount April 2021

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Open-note tests are only good news if your notes are legible.
Say goodbye to your chicken scratch forever (or, at least, for 6 months).
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Behind the Scenes: Help Shape the Future of Evernote
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How Toxic Habits Steal Your Productivity (and How to Take it Back)
Have you ever gotten to class and not remembered how you got there?
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5 ways organization improves your life, according to science
So, really, by giving away 6 months of FREE Evernote Premium, we're changing your whole life 🤷
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Take notes like magic
We'll start calling you Hermione...
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What do you do with your digital notes after class?
  • Share them. I AM the note giver.
  • Edit them. Make them 💯.
  • Combine them. I'm making a book.
  • Good oIe' paper and pencil for me.
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5 lists you can make using Evernote
...What, you DON'T make lists of your future children's names???
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Note Heaven. Population: You.
Your notes will practically take themselves.
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Getting organized: How to use Evernote in college
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Get more from your apps with Evernote Integrations
Evernote integrates with your Google Drive apps so you can be more productive