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Barre3 20% Off + 14-day FREE trial - UNiDAYS student discount May 2022



20% Off + 14-day FREE trial
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7 Tips for Finding Yourself and Staying Healthy After Graduation
(Spoiler: No one, no matter how old, has everything figured out—ever!)
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Why barre3?
In a class of 25 people, there may be 25 different reasons for being there. Find yours.
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Empowered Women We Love: Malia Barnes
What do you think society defines as the ideal woman? Malia gives her hot take.
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From HIIT to barre3: One Woman's Story
Read a week-by-week tell-all of her experience.
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barre3 Can Help You Rewire Your Ability to Handle Stress
What’s the science behind the feel-good effects of breathwork?
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How an Instructor Found Body Positivity with barre3
Not-so-much-a-spoiler-alert: It all starts from within.
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barre3 is Redefining What Success in Fitness Means
Here's how. For too long, success in fitness has been about measuring up to unrealistic ideals.
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Is Barre3 Even Cardio?
(Yes, duh obvs.) But a Master Trainer breaks it allll down for us.