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1-800 Contacts 25% Off New Orders Sitewide - UNiDAYS student discount December 2021



25% Off New Orders Sitewide
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Would you rather be...
  • Near-sighted
  • Far-sighted
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Tell us about yourself and we'll guess your eye color
And while you're here, enter to win either a $250 or $500 voucher, AKA FREE CONTACTS 👀
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Yes, your optometrist is nice...
But they're ripping you off, period. Get FREE contacts now.
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We're testing your eye sight to see if you need contacts
Now would be a great time to enter to win some FREEEE contacts...just saying....
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13 things you can spend your time on when your contacts are auto-filled
We're v grateful that 1-800 CONTACTS has their sh*t together so that we don't have to 🙏
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10% off + Free Shipping on all orders
Enjoy 10% Student Discount when you shop with 1-800 CONTACTS online at
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Congrats to Brittany F.
Winner of the 1-800 Contacts giveaway!
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Which are the best contact lenses for dry eyes?
We're here to help you keep your eyes as comfy as possible
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How to order contacts online (it's super easy!)
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Free. Contacts.
Seeing's better when it's free.
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6 reasons why 1-800 Contacts is the best thing that ever happened to me
They didn't have to go that hard but they did and I'm so grateful 👏
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Here's that giveaway we promised you on Instagram
Your quest has led you to the right place 🐉