6 winter running essentials

Feeling those get fit vibes this January? Well our new perk Asics is perfect and you can grab 20% off all you need to get running!

1. Dress the part

The general rule of thumb for running in the cold is to dress as if it's a little bit warmer than it is. Cover up but you probably won't need more than 2-3 layers. You should be a little bit cold when you start out but this will just make you run faster to warm up! Plus, make sure that your trainers are fit for cold, winter weather. If it's raining and your kicks are water-proof, in my opinion it's OK to miss a run - head to the gym instead. Article_ASICS_1 Don't forget about your head, ears and hands. Gloves are essential and hats are great for guys but for us girls it can be uncomfortable with a ponytail underneath a beanie. Headbands are the answer to this, plus they help to keep your headphones from slipping out! My favourite Asics products have to be the Speed Hybrid Running Jacket, this will keep you the perfect temperature and you can save £19 using your UNiDAYS® discount. Guys this Woven Jacket comes in 4 great colours and is great for keeping the rain off! Article_ASICS_2

2. Get a buddy

Whether you head out to meet someone for a run or make a pact with your boyfriend, girlfriend or house mate to get out there together, having a running buddy will make you a lot more motivated! ‌

3. Warm up

Do this before you leave the house! Try a minute of skipping, running up and down the stairs or a few swift yoga poses before a few stretches.

4. Be seen

Make sure you're either wearing something reflective or you have some reflective strips on your arms and legs. A head torch could also be useful if your route has a section that isn't well lit.

5. Beat the chill

Get out of your sweaty gear and into a warm shower as soon as you get home to beat any chills and your body temperature dropping too quickly.

6. Rehydrate

Take water with you if you're a long-distance runner or make sure you rehydrate as soon as you get home if you're a 15-30 minute kind of runner!

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