5 Christmas gifts you had no idea existed

IT’S CHRISTMAAAAAS… soon, anyway.

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While you’re busy finishing up your assignments, essays and coursework due in before you finish for Christmas vaycay, you’ve probably not even thought about the amount of Christmas prezzies you’re yet to buy for family, friends and maybe even the dog.

But, have we ever let you down, when it comes to advice AND discount obvs? Nope!

Here are 5 gifts that you probably never knew existed:

1. Back scratcher - £4

This is the perfect gift for those with short arms or someone who could do with a third one. Cheap as chips too, this back scratcher is handy AF! Comes in various colours and is… um, durable.

2. Selfie light - £6.50

This selfie light is the ideal gift for someone who loves taking selfies, all the time but can never seem to get the best lighting, in fact, this gift isn’t just ideal for selfie lovers but great for photographers who could do with some extra (portable) light.

3. AbZorba balls - £60 (for two)

I know, I know a bit on the pricey side but this gift could work well with someone who wouldn’t mind splitting the cost. The fun you’d have with these AbZorba balls is endless. Who needs to go gym when you can work out with AbZorba balls?!

4. Polaroid Play 3D Pen - £25

This is a super pointless prezzie but it’s great for someone who is easily amused (and take no offence if you’re reading this and would totally love this gift) as it’s a really cool gift, with a Polaroid Pen, you can create endless amounts of three-dimensional artwork.

5. Guzzle Buddy - £25

Strictly 18+... The Guzzle Buddy is absolutely perfect for people who believe using a glass is so 2017 and for the people who try and put straws in wine bottles, they have to learn the hard way that wine bottles and straws are not very compatible. With this gift, you can screw a Guzzle Buddy into a wine bottle and drink straight from the bottle, for easy access!

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