12 cool ways to eat cauliflower

With January comes some kind of instinctive need to suddenly start eating healthier - but healthy food can be boring right? Wrong; you can easily make some of your favourite snacks and dinners healthier by substituting the complex carbs for cauliflower! I bet you never knew that cauliflower could make all this... Article_Cauli_1 Bagel, Protein bread, Burger bun Who said that you had to cut out all bread? Give these recipes a go - whether it's a loaf, a burger bun or a bagel! Article_Cauli_3 Tortillas, Nachos Everyone loves  bit of Mexican and you can easily make some cauliflower nachos to feel less guilty about. Article_Cauli_4 Hash browns, Tater tots Simply swap potato with cauliflower and make healthier versions of your favourites - will it be hash browns or tater tots? Article_Cauli_2 Cheese bread sticks, Grilled cheese toastie, Pizza crust So the cheese does make it not-exactly-healthy but these recipes are a still a healthier alternative to bread and they're still a great way to get those all important 5 a day! I'm definitely giving the pizza crust a go! Article_Cauli_5 Cauliflower rice, Hummus The original and classic cauliflower recipe has to be good old cauliflower rice; you literally can't even tell the difference and you'll feel as full as if you'd had a plate full of carbs! If you want more of a snack then this cauliflower hummus is a great alternative.