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Frenchie 25% Off - UNiDAYS student discount May 2022

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Masturbation Tips for Masturbation May ❤️‍🔥😉
Masturbation May has cum, and we're going to shake things up a bit...
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Myths on Masturbation - DEBUNKED! 💥
It's Masturbation Month and we're debunking myths you may have heard about masturbation.
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FREE Oui Oui Wipes with Every Purchase
Let's make clean up easy this Masturbation May 😉💦
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What Do You Use For Masturbation Clean Up? 💦
  • Towel 🧺
  • Soap & Water 🧼
  • Tissues 🧻
  • Shower 🚿
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Our x3 sell out toy is BACK IN STOCK! 💦
Be sure to snag yours before it sells out! Psst.. a petit 25% OFF discount just for you! 👇🏼
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Discover the Frenchie difference with 50% off Condoms For National Condom Week
Limited Time!1 No Discount Code Required - 5th to 21st Feb
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Understanding how to effectively stimulate the clitoris is a great place to understand your body.
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How well do you know the clitoris?
  • I'm the clit master
  • What's a clitoris?
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Know the difference between latex and non-latex condoms?
  • Yes, I'm a pro all things condoms
  • No idea
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Our guide to The Double Entendre
Let’s explore all the different ways you can use the Double Entendre Vibrator...
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❤️ Meet your new Mon Chérie ❤️ The Double Entendre⁠
solo or partnered play ⚡ this flexible vibrator will have you saying, 'Mon Amour' each time!
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The history of sex toys and vibrators
There is evidence that our ancestors were not shy about exploring their sexuality using DIY sex toys
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Sex Toys - Do you use them?
  • Oui! Loud & Proud
  • Not my thing
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So, what are the benefits of masturbation?
The Votes are in! Masturbation for the Win! It's healthy with benefits ❤️
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Carrying a condom is a serious power move 💪
Sex Coach Georgia Grace uncovers what carrying a condom says about u & its not what you might think
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Do you masturbate?
  • Oui Oui! Yesss! ❤️
  • Ummm... No... 🙅
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Discover the Frenchie difference with 50% off
Say Bonjour to your new sexy secret in your back pocket. The Frenchie Beret Condom + Hyaluronic Acid