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What topic can we help you with book tips?
  • Time management
  • Creativity
  • Virtual learning
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Mindfulness Tip #3: How can you find the source of joy & the “experience of Being"
Read this summary as a gateway to personal growth, inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.
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Mindfulness Tip #2: How Can You Live a More Creative, Productive and Happy Life
Read this summary to get a framework for recapturing your focus and rekindling your creative spark.
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Mindfulness Tip #1: How can you go beyond adulting to become an emotional grown-up
Read this summary to gain new skills that can ease disquieting or stressful feelings.
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Motivation Tip #3: How the simple motivation science leads you to an active life
Read this summary to change your behavior, set goals that align with your sense of self.
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Motivation Tip #2: How you really set yourself up to win
Read or listen to this free book summary on getAbstract.
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Motivation Tip #1: How to Start When You're Stuck
Read this summary on how to create, develop and sustain your momentum in life and at university.
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Where can we help you with book recommendations?
  • Motivation
  • Job Search
  • Mindfulness
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Do You Want To Live The Simple Life?
According to "Walden", the goal is to simplify your habits and slow down the rhythm of your life.
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Boy meets girl. Boy and girl hate each other.
You haven't read "Pride and Prejudice"? Make up the leeway and read our summary of this classic!
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Want to Learn More in Less Time?
getAbstract helps you to reach your goals – and find your ideal study-life balance!
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Which literary classic would you like to read as a summary?
  • Walden (H.D. Thore
  • Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)
  • Both :)
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60 Secrets to Make Your Talk, Speech or Presentation Amazing
Read or listen to this free book summary on getAbstract.
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Learn Something New in Just 10 Minutes
In only 10 minutes, you get a complete summary of the book. That really saves time!
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Want to Be a Better Writer?
Writing clearly and persuasively is essential in many jobs. Luckily, it’s also a learnable skill.
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You Were Born To Speak
If you’re looking for presentation advice, this is a good place to start. Read the free summary!
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Which skill would you like to improve?
  • Present confidently
  • Write concisely
  • Read faster
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Do you stagger out of bed frazzled & overwhelmed?
That’s no way to start the day. Successful people start their days with intention. #freesummary
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What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20
Learn how to make your way in business and life – with this getAbstract summary!
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What's your favorite book format?
  • Hardcover
  • Paperback
  • E-Book
  • Audio Book
  • Book Summary
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Smaller Habits, Bigger Results
Take one small step every day to initiate a lifelong positive habit. Read or listen to this summary!
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The Top Skill Remote Students Need
In a remote study or work environment, one skill becomes particularly important: Writing.
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What Should I Study to Be Successful in the Future?
Read on the getAbstract Journal our CEO's reply to future business student Florian.
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The essential app for busy students
Learn smarter and read or listen on the go with our app!