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Pencil vs liquid eyeliner
Tricks of the trade on applying pencil and liquid eyeliner. Which one do you prefer? ❤️
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Bougie or cheap?
Is expensive skincare worth the money? Can you get the same results from affordable skincare? 👀
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No brushes? No problem! 👍
Let Adore Beauty take up the challenge of completing a full face of makeup with only their fingers!
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This ain't high brow! 👀
Let Adore Beauty show you the ropes on tinting you eyebrows at home 👏
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Let Adore Beauty show you how to slay your brow game !
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What's your skincare sitch?
  • Soap & water💧
  • Full regime 🧖🏼‍♀️
  • What's skincare? 😂
  • Whatever Mum is using 🤷‍♀️