Why failing is good for us

Today, as the ‘millennial snowflakes’, we worry about everything.

The scale is huge: from passing an exam, achieving a degree and pursuing a career, to whether our friends and love interest checked out our latest social media posts. We feel like we have to get it right, first time, every time. We are living in a fast-pace, competitive society surrounded by remarkable individuals (including ourselves) all wanting to achieve something.

Yet we set ourselves against each other, as if our timelines in life are a constant battle to the next person’s. We feel anxious and worried about what people are doing and ultimately focus on what sets us apart, then our own thriving ambitions.

Don’t get me wrong we all want to strive and pursue our ambitions whatever they may be, but somehow amongst this we have entangled the idea that failing isn’t okay. We stress and worry that we are on the right path, or even just the same path as everyone else. Keeping up with the expectations of our age or gender or identity, rather than just grounding ourselves in a world full of social constructs.

A University degree, or a body size does not define us as people and although these may seem like life-changing prospects, in our daily lives, this does not mean it’s over for us. Life would be boring if everyone got their own way. We need hiccups in life to keep us grounded. It can be scary thinking you won’t achieve the grade or nail an interview but we are not defined by a number or a workplace and we have a lot more to offer this world than that!

Nevertheless, failing is a scary thing for everyone. But it’s nice to know you’re not alone and that it’s not the end of the world. Here are a few things can help de-stress and untangle yourself from this hectic world and can make this prospect seem less daunting.

Yoga and Mindfullness

Regularly partaking in activities such as yoga and meditation, heals the mind and soul as well as working out your body and the benefits can really increase your overall mood and perspective. Allowing your thoughts to wonder can impact your outlook on life positively.

However, even if you are still wanting to strive to achieve your ambitions, there are plenty of ways to make that happen and stay motivated through downfalls.

Apps and Extra learning that take away from your day-to-day life

There are many courses and apps available to keep you motivated and inspired. These could be a get away from your normal job or studying or even have an impact in furthering yourself in any skill.

Get Organised and Prioritise your life!

It’s important that if some aspects of your life are failing a bit for you, that you focus on everything else you have got going for you! My planning, prioritising and organising you can balance your life and work.

Failing is not an impending doom for all of us. We need and will always get setbacks in life but there is always a different outlook on life. By creating and adapting this mindset in life, as young people we can create positive change and put our best foot forward to stumble over the first few hurdles… who’s with me?

Thanks for writing for us Mollie!

Mollie lives in Brighton where you can find her reading and working in coffee shops during the day and laughing with friends playing scrabble in the pub by night (maybe dancing on the tables).

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