Q+A: Students with Style

When they’re not spending their money on food, Zach and Mia from General Pants are keeping up with the latest trends on campus. We caught up with these stylish students to get advice on what wardrobe pieces we need this autumn.

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Hi, I’m Zach, find me on Insta @ zachgoldfinch. I’m 21 and I recently finished a double-degree in Music Theatre.

I’ve worked full-time at General Pants for about 11 months now, and do stand-up comedy as a side gig.

Working at GP allows me to be myself and also explore the stuff that I’ve studied. I love the people, the personalities, and giving style tips.

My three school style essentials:

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1) Denim stretchy jeans in black. They're the go-to. You have to have a pair of these.

2) I reckon you can't go wrong with a black T-shirt like this one from Arvust. Just a plain basic one. You can style it however you want. You can dress it up or down. A pocket can change the complete look of an outfit, so keep that in mind.

3) Keeping with the black: a black corduroy jacket. Even though I hate seeing too much corduroy, I reckon it looks really cool (and comfortable) with borg. It's not as heavy as your usual denim jacket, either, so it's a bit lighter and easier to wear out.

Campus catwalk prediction

Denim will probably be everywhere, but I think corduroy is making a comeback. As I said, I'm not a huge fan. The one thing I do not ever want to see is, like, a double-corduroy, which I have seen happen a couple of times. It’s so weird. Like, I saw a corduroy jacket and a pair of corduroy shorts – and I’ve never hated anything more in my life. Disgusting.

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Hi, I'm Mia, I'm 21 years old and study primary school teaching. I deferred so I could work full-time: I started as a Christmas casual, then I was a casual, and, two years later, here I am, still enjoying the culture and the customers. I'm off to Japan soon for a lovely little break and my favourite place in the world is Bali.

My three school style essentials:

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1) Lee High Baggies. They just came in. They're super high waisted and super baggy in the leg. They've got that '90s blue kinda colour and that classic denim feel. They sit perfect on the leg and they're really good for tall ladies and if you're short, you can just roll them.

2) The new Tommy Hilfiger grey crew neck jumper It's so comfortable, really nice inside, great material, great quality.

3) My last essential is from our 2 for $40 basics range. I've got the white skivvy (comes in grey, too). They're perfect for layering, so they're perfect for autumn and winter. It's a little cropped, so wear it with a high waisted jean if you want to show your figure.

Campus catwalk prediction

I'd like the very wide-legged, baggy, '90s look to come in, which is kinda what we're seeing here at work a lot.I'd like to see it come in and stay in because it’s my favourite look.

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