Denim D&M: How to Style Denim This Season

Denim: you can double it, stretch it, distress it… with such versatility, it’s no surprise that, according to The Pulled Thread podcast, half the world's population wears jeans on any given day. In America, women own an average of seven pairs, while men own an average of six pairs.

We’re all devoted to denim, it seems. General Pants views it as so godlike, their new campaign is dedicated to The Cult of Denim. As an offering to the denim deities, we’ve collabed with GP on this guide to the sacred style icon.

I wear denim, I’ve sold denim, and I know a fair bit about denim, so I’ve answered some common questions about the wardrobe wonder worn by everyone from miners to models.

Uh… am I allowed to wear double denim or will everyone laugh, then block me on Instagram?

Firstly, BE BOLD: don't be scared to experiment with what you think looks fab. For best results, double with washes that complement each other e.g. similar blue washes or a blue wash with black.

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Also, this doesn’t necessarily have to be jeans and a jacket – it could be a skirt and a jacket, shorts and jacket, etc. Just have a go!

What denim do you recommend for different occasions?

While there’s no definitive do or don’t for which denim style suits what occasion, you can use the following as a guide. I’m going to break it into three categories:


Mom jeans or tapered are the go-tos

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Formal (or more like smart-casual)

Skinnies! Get a pair in black for that sleek edge

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Experiment with flares, rips, colours and all different fits!

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If I’m buying jeans, what are some practical things I need to know?

Consider these before you buy:

Material / Elastane content

Chose a material you're comfy with. If you wanna know more, ask or read about what the jeans are made of. The higher the elastane content, the stretchier/comfier they'll be. Lower elastane content means more rigid denim. Jeans with rips or unhemmed edges are likely to continue to distress. Keep this in mind when splurging on denim: you may love them, but you gotta take good care of them so they actually last.


Always take note of how to take care of your denim. Most stores that sell quality denim are trained in teaching you how to take care of it. That being said, if you don't want to ask in store, Google is everyone's best friend. Or just ask your other bestie: Mum!

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