Here's a killer way to start your 2019 fitness journey

New year, new you: Bare Blends challenges you to feel healthier in 14 days with Bare Greens!

Every year is a new opportunity to make some resolutions. December feels like a distant, boozy memory now… but the hot days keep coming, which means the beach is calling, which means staying fit becomes a priority.

But with staying fit comes some hard work in terms of keeping active, getting enough nutrients from healthy foods, and still having a life outside the kitchen.

We’ve got the perfect recipe to help you kick-start your 2019 fitness goals.

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  1. First, say goodbye to who you were in December! It’s a new year, so it’s the prime time to reflect on last year and look ahead to the future.

  2. Set yourself some goals. Getting fit? Staying fit? Changing your diet and/or lifestyle? Setting goals is the best way to keep track of what you’ve achieved.

  3. Take action. Prep your meals at home, up your physical activity, or up the nutrition to your diet. It’s all about making a change – doesn’t need to be major to make an impact, though.

  4. Get involved in the Bare Blends ‘Bare Greens’ challenge. It’s 14 days of boosted veggie and superfood goodness that compliments your diet and ensures you get the vitamins, fibre, and nutrition you need.

  5. You can have your Bare Greens as a shake, in a smoothie or added to your brekkie bowl- the options are endless.

  6. Feel the difference that 14 days of Bare Greens can add to your life! Easy as.


Makes 1 x 2019 where you’re feeling energised, focused, and healthier!

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Is this for me?

Bare Greens isn’t some sort of detox solution. It’s an easy alternative to get enough healthy nutrients – such as matcha (high in antioxidants), wheatgrass (heaps of vitamins A, C and E), kale (rich in protein, fibre, and folate), and plenty more veggie goodness – into your normal diet. If you love a quick meal or want to spend less time sourcing these food groups and vitamins, it’s pretty awesome to have it in a package you can just add to meals, like smoothies or smoothie bowls.

Aren’t all challenges a fad?

We love KUWTK as much as the next person, but there’s no denying the Kardashians endorse a lot of things that may not necessarily be the best for us. And they’ve kinda made it hard for legit companies like Bare Blends, who just wanna make sure everyone has enough fibre, veggies, and good nutrition in their diet. The Bare Greens Challenge encourages everyone to try it for 14 days in a row – and if you don’t feel a difference, you get your money back! Win-win.

Hungry for the challenge?

Take the Bare Greens 14 Day Challenge today.

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