Fitness On A Budget

We all love a good fitness session! There’s nothing that makes me feel as good as working up a sweat, but the prices of gym memberships can be pretty demotivating when you’re living off of a student budget.  During my student days I’d do pretty much anything that meant I didn’t have to pay for a workout, so here are 5 top tips for a frugal fitness!

1. Go For A Run

Article-size_fitness_1 (1) Go for a runImage Source: Let the footpath become your treadmill and go for a run around your neighbourhood, or find a nice area near you that you feel is the perfect length for running.  Running outside can be really beneficial in reducing stress levels so if you’ve got a paper due that you’re not feeling too happy about, why not head out for a run to clear your mind and work those muscles.

2. Work Out At Home

Article-size_fitness_4 I know I said I didn’t really like paying for my fitness but i feel that making a one-off payment for workout equipment is justifiable.  Whether you ask for them as Christmas or birthday gifts, or want to buy them for yourself, this training kit and fitness mat from The Hut are an absolute steal when you can get an extra 10% off using your UNiDAYS® discount!

3. Create Your Own Workout Class At Home

Article-size_fitness_2 Image source: We all know how resourceful the internet can be and in terms of fitness, the internet could potentially be the best personal trainer for you.  There are thousands of fitness videos out there whether it’s leg day or you want a full body workout.  Alternatively, why not borrow a fitness DVD from a friend and have a group workout at home.  I find nothing more motivating than being able to work out with someone else.

4. Create Your Own Weights

Weights can be pretty expensive, but also necessary dependent on your workout routine. This isn’t a big problem though, think about how many household objects you own with a bit of weight to them.  Grab a big bag of sugar out of the cupboard or duct tape some cans together for some perfect homemade weights.

5. Bike Rides With Friends

Article-size_fitness_3 Image Source: It’s the weekend, spring is here so the weather’s great, and you and your friends have nothing to do.  Why not get out on your bike and find a beautiful trail to ride?  Not only is this a great source of exercise, but it’s also a really nice way to make the most of a beautiful day. Hero Image Source:  

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