5 Ways To Spend Your Extra Day

It only comes around once every 4 years so I hope you plan on making the most of leap day! But how will you be spending the extra day? I've got a few ideas...

1. Head To The Beach

  Of course that was my first choice! Grab your friends and head to the beach whether it's for a lazy day in the sunshine or a party in the evening.

2. Treat Yourself

  This day is perfect for all of those YOLO moments, including cheat days! Go on, treat yourself, this day only comes round once every 4 years after all.

3. Get Your Sport On

‌ An extra day is a great chance to get active. You could simply head for a run or you could grab your friends and do something really adventurous like rock climbing!

4. Shop Until You Drop

An activity that's perfect for any day of the year! Whether your shopping involves leaving your home and staying in bed, you can get some awesome deals with your UNiDAYS discount such as 20% off at Missguided, 15% off and BNKR, 20% off at City Beach and 20% off at GHD.  So if you've forgotten any of your first semester necessities, you can always get them today!

5. And Relax

  Don't really feel like doing anything with your extra day? You could just enjoy a day chilling with your friends!    

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