The new UNiDAYS app is here! Here's what's new

Like people, apps change, and often for similar reasons.

You take a look at yourself every few years and ask:

‘What can I do better?’

‘What’s important to me?’

‘Where am I going?’

That’s kinda deep, but you need to ask those big questions before you shake things up. You wanna be sure.

We also asked students around the globe for their feedback, since UNiDAYS is for you, and there’s not much point making changes that don’t improve your experience with us.

So, everything you love about the UNiDAYS app is still here, including the fact it’s free. We’ve just added some changes for the better:

Feed me

Scroll down the page and see what’s up. You can create a personalised feed by following the brands you like. Plus, the new inbox feature means you’ll be the first to know about offers, giveaways, and announcements from your faves.

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Save more

The discounts you know and love aren't going anywhere. You've now just got more options to save with your favourite brands who will be offering discounts in the form of benefits straight from their partner page.

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What’s on your mind?

Content should be a two-way convo. Now you can tell us what you think and feel about different stuff with a single tap, thanks to the new polls and react feature.

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Let’s go!

What else is new? All-in-one partner pages, more vids, bigger comps… But the best way to find out is to try it for yourself! Update to the latest version or download the new UNiDAYS app now to start living your best student life.

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