Our 3 style wishes if we had a magic lamp

It’s THE ICONIC’s End Of Season Sale… and Aladdin just dropped… so let the worlds collide! Here's what we’d wish for if we had a magic lamp. Go on: give it a rub!

Wish 1: Genie-us accessories

People look at your hands and your head a fair bit, so it’s always a good idea to spruce up those areas where poss.

An image The Minimalist Brown Analogue Watch

Admittedly, this is more about your wrist than your hands, but you can’t go wrong with a swish yet simple timepiece (that’s what fancy folks call a ‘watch’). This one from Fossil oozes old-school elegance.

An image Block Party

Whether you’re trying to shield your retinas because the night before got rowdy or just trying to keep the sun away in style, these sunnies from Le Specs reduce glare and increase stares.

Wish 2: Date night

An image Charlie Bodysuit

In the off chance date night involves being whisked into the sky for a magic carpet ride, It gets cold and windy up there, so try this long-sleeved (no cardi required) velvet bodysuit from Atmos&Here. It’s just as alluring on the ground, so dw.

An image Pleated Midi Skirt

Also from Atmos&Here is this versatile skirt that whispers, “I can swoosh about like the dancing lady emoji or sit down cross-legged and regal, like the queen emoji.”

An image Metallic Hoop Bag

Clutch. Over the shoulder. Wear it however you wish. This M.N.G bag's perf for holding your lip balm, hair ties, hand sanitiser, brush, a pack of Extra, perfume, pocket mirror, and licence (you never know when the club is gonna come calling).

An image Berlin Heels

Comfy. Practical. Sophisticated. You can slip these double strap, block heel Dazie shoes on and off with ease – and flaunt your pedi in the process.

Wish 3: Take a hike

An image Fitbit Charge 3 Advanced Health and Fitness Tracker - Special Edition Graphite/White Silicone

A well-behaved Saturday evening means a Sundee morning stroll is on the cards. Wanna keep an eye on your health stats? No sweat! This spesh edition tracker from Fitbit has your back.

An image Packable Daypack

There's enough space for a water bottle, a pack of protein balls, and a towel (what’s a hike without a dip?) in this Herschel with a vibrant colourway.

With thanks to Katy Richardson for her styling expertise.

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