Here's what bag you need based on the type of traveller you are

Whatever your travel vibe, Cotton On Lost has the bag (and discount!)for you. Find out which one you are below…

Who? The Adventurer

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What? Poolside cocktails are cool… but have you ever conquered a peak? You need a durable, breathable travel buddy that’s happy to slug it out at altitude… and pee outside occasionally (dw this bag does not pee; just making a point).

Which bag? The Explore Rucksack

Who? The Commuter

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What? Heading to work or a learning institution? That’d explain the frowny face. Ah, man... why do people eat eggs on the bus? Commuting stinks, but on the plus side, your bag can look v fresh when you’re going from A to B.

Which bag? The Transit Backpack

Who? The Urban Explorer

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What? Whether you’re dashing away from responsibilities or a bad date or down damp cobblestone streets or through an abandoned industrial zone, your bag shouldn’t hamper your agility. How’s about padded shoulder straps and mesh back, plus room for plenty of stuff in the easily accessed main compartment?

Which bag? The Disrupt Rucksack

Who? The Nomad

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What? Going on a gap year? Going to find yourself? Going to become a travel blogger? You’ll need some legit luggage. And you’ll be wanting that sturdy hardshell, oodles of space inside (takes a while to find yourself), and 360 easy glide wheels (handy when you’re hung or heaps late).

Which bag? Lrg 28Inch Hard Suitcase

Who? The Kondo

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What? Can luggage spark joy? Obv, it helps when the bag looks nice. Throw in a mesh zip compartment and a small packing cell to keep it all together (thank goodness!) and your chic carry-on is covered. Then again, you’re a minimalist, so you never carry much, right?

Which bag? Sml 19inch Hard Suitcase

Who? The Grammer

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What? If you didn’t post content, did you even travel at all?! In your case, no. With 44.6L of storage space at your disposal, that should be enough for all your props and lighting, but here’s the cherry on top: 10 letters of monogramming, so you can get ‘FOLLOWMEXO’ on your new duffle.

Which bag? Personalised Transit Duffle Bag

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