Embrace the heat 🔥: We love these 9 Summer trends ☀️

With global warming on the rise and politicians doing little to try to regulate it, it's only going to get hotter folks 🤷‍♀️. And whilst its all fun and games singing Nelly’s “Hot in Here”, some of us are currently melting away the full face of makeup we put on an hour ago. To help guide you through your hottest summer yet, see our fave trends, tips and tricks below!


Now I don’t want to sound like your mother BUT in this day and age, we know enough about the harmful effects of the sun and so we NEED to be protecting our skin. And just because you aren’t hitting the beach, doesn't mean you can’t sneak some sun protection into your daily regime. Swap out your regular foundation for an SPF alternative or if you’re into a more low-key look, there are plenty of brands who do an SPF tinted moisturiser.

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With all the SPF products you’ll be using, you might be tempted to forgo these for a day in the sun to get that summer glow, but at what cost? Not mentioning the risks of cancers from sun exposure but your skin will thank you for decades to come if you just fake it. Bondi Sands do a really great deep tan and even have tools to help you reach those tricky back areas. Tan = sorted.


This ties into the above “fake it ‘till you make it”. For those wanting a more subtle sun-kissed look, you can always trust your handy highlight and bronzing kits. If you’re new to contouring, YouTube has a plethora of tutorial vids to get you up and running. One thing that you need to have before you start are the correct brushes; you at least need a fan brush for your highlighter and a rounder brush for your deeper colours or contour.

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There is nothing more attractive than embracing your body for what it is - freckles and all! As someone who is one freckle away from having a year-round tan, I have definitely learned this the hard way. Freckles are the latest trend in the beauty world and people are getting creative with glitter, rainbows and sequins... And I’m SO here for it! What's even better than glitter freckles? Biodegradable, glitter freckles - like these cute EcoStardust glitter pots. We all hate how much glitter hangs around, I'm sure Mother Nature would agree!

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No this isn’t a Wild Secrets plug… and I admit - I was a bit skeptical at first when I saw these floating around Instagram but honestly, I am living for these Jade Facial Rollers! They’ve been around since the 18th Century and are thought to not only promote circulation and help decrease inflammation but honestly, it just feels like heaven when you pull one out of your fridge on a hot day and give your face a bit of a quick roll. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!


Ever thought “I want to look like I attend Blue Water High” but not actually wanted to spend a day surfing and soaking your hair in salt water? Well if you haven’t tried the oldest trick in the book and invested in a good salt spray like Tarte's Mermaid Waves, what are you even doing? These babies add volume and texture to your hair to give you the perfect low-maintenance summer look.


There hasn't been a point in my life where I have NOT wanted mermaid hair and Summer is the perfect time to experiment with wild colours (unless you plan on getting a Summer office job with strict dress codes, then sorry Boo!). There are many products hitting the shelves that offer you anything from one day, to permanent hair colour and Lime Crime have provided the goods with some merm-approved colours. Showpo have some cute af pink and purple shades! Don't forget you can get a sweet discount on Showpo!.


Those of us who are not naturally blonde but have sat through hours of foils in the salon know how poor we are and with blonde hair, comes maintenance. If you’ve tried every purple toner but haven’t tried Fanola (aka purple gift from the hair-gods) you NEED to get on this! I must warn you though, you will look like a smurf because it stains everything the light touches (it does eventually wash off after a few minutes) but the result is so worth it! Pick it up at Black Swallow

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The hair scarf trend is dominating social feeds and there are some really pretty patterns out there! If you have hair long enough to be tied up, you’ll probably do so at some point during the hotter days so why not dress it up? If you can pull this look off without looking like your mum whilst cleaning the house, then hats off to you! We've spotted some at ASOS, Glassons and DISSH - to name a few - don't forget your UNiDAYS discounts! 😉

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