All Of The Banter You'll Defs Overhear At O-Week

O-Week is both fun and nerve-racking when it's your first time going to uni. Though every year brings in a different crowd, you'll always be sure to hear some standard banter that seems to be passed down through generations of students. No matter how you're feeling, nothing breaks the ice quite like a bit of good quality shit talk, and let’s be real, we’ve all contributed.

So here are a couple of absolute classics you’re bound to hear as you go back to uni.

"Does anyone have the WiFi password??”

How are you supposed to watch the Ted Bundy tapes on Netflix during your Intro To Business Marketing lectures without it?

"This guy thought I was actually gonna’ sign up for his society???”

The science and ethics club? HAHAHAHA.


There is absolutely no way in human history that I ever looked this young, not a bloody chance. How do they even have their pen license yet?

"I'm way too hungover for this.”

Look let’s be honest, this is potentially the first of many times you and your buddies are going to use this one this semester.

“Where do the exchange students hangout though?”

Like specifically the South American ones? Because you know I’ve developed a love for Latin music and I’d love to, like, explore more of that.

"I loved your first journal on applied engineering."

Annnnnnd the sucking up to my lecturers begins.

*"Why don’t they have nap time for students?” *

Here’s the thing, if you setup your textbooks, bag and laptop in just the right way as a makeshift Donald-Trump-wall on your desk, nap time is definitely possible.

“I don’t even go here, my friend just didn’t want to go solo to their O’Day and I got bribed with the potential of free food and pens.”

And I got both of them, so really it’s a win for me.

“Look at this poor girl wearing heels, soon she’ll learn sneakers and flats are the only answer.”

Gotta’ love those first years who think they’re going to da club and not a three hour workshop.

"I literally travelled X hours to be here.”

You’re almost guaranteed to hear about how it took Jamie from “down south” two trains, one bus and 3.5 hours to get to campus. Bless you Jamie, but no one cares.

"I Need Three Coffees NOW."

Yes, espresso martinis count.

"Do you think they’ll notice if I go back for a fourth free gelato scoop?”

Look by now, those gelato servers have got your mugshot printed out on campus with a reward if you don’t go back for more. But this your day. Back in line you go.

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