4 reasons to guest blog for UNiDAYS

Are you a budding journalist or blogger? Do you want to share what you have to say? Why not become a guest blogger for The Edit! You'll get to write about your favourite topics and be a part of our UNiDAYS team! Check out these four reasons for exactly why guest blogging is awesome.

1. Get your writing seen by thousands of readers

Yep, we said thousands! There will be thousands of eyes on your content because we share all of our blog articles in our emails or on our social channels as well as on the main website so there are tonnes of opportunities for your words to be read.

2. Experience on your CV

If you do want to become a journalist or take blogging into a full time career then guest blogging is a great way to get your name out there and for you to make some serious connections. And, even if you don't want to write full time for a career it can be a great way to show that you're versatile and have great grammar and spelling without having to say it to future employers.

3. Share your expertise and opinions

If you really know about something, we want to know! We're not experts in everything and we'd love to get to know you guys as our members so share your opinions and your expertise with us!

4. Get our of your comfort zone

Ever thought that you couldn't write an article? Why not? Give it a go and you might surprise yourself. Challenge yourself with a deadline and a topic and you could find a new skill that could open so many doors.

Get in touch! We want to hear from writers and bloggers from all backgrounds, genres and interests. Whether you're a fashion fanatic or you can't stop talking about that latest band you've heard, we want to know and we want to share it. Email anzblogger.enquiries@myunidays.com if you're interested.

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