Your definitive guide to designing a winning tote bag

So you’re interested in entering our latest design competition with the Cotton On Foundation? We’re rooting for you!

To give you the best shot possible at winning that huge experience (your design made and sold online, a trip to Uganda to visit Cotton On Foundation-supported schools and a three day mentorship with Cotton On), we caught up with Sunny Birch, Cotton On’s Graphics Studio Manager, to bring you some insider knowledge on how to impress the judges with your tote design.

She broke it down in five simple tips:

1. Be bold and simple

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Sunny recommends using colours, graphic shapes, fonts or clean bold lines to create a striking design. As the senior designer across Cotton On’s brands, she’s an expert in creating and selecting bold, simple prints so be sure to heed her advice!

2. Mind the fabric

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Most Cotton On tote bags are printed on textured cotton fabrics so keep this in mind when you’re creating your design. Photographs and very fine line illustrations may not show up as you intend so Sunny recommends steering clear of these.

3. [Your slogan here]

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Slogans are a great way of supporting an issue or making a statement. Get political, empowered and make your message sing in your design.

4. Choose your colours wisely

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The official rules of the competition state that you should keep your design to less than 4 colours, and Sunny is a big believer in this. You can create a powerful look without using all the colours on the wheel so find your palette and stick to it.

5. Ctrl C + ctrl V

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No, we’re not talking about copying someone else's designs (you will be disqualified if it’s not your own work). We’re talking duplicating your own! If you’ve got a killer illustration you want to show off, consider creating an all-over print or pattern, these are always a hit.

Feeling inspired? Submit your entry to the competition!

Still not 100% sure on the details? Check out the FAQs before you enter.

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