UNiDAYS’ 5 Fave Winter Skincare Essentials

What’s one of the best things about the cold seasons?

The long dark nights? I mean unless you’re Dracula, I’m going to say no.

Maybe it's all the films and TV shows that come out? Getting warmer!!

It’s ALL the fabulous skincare you can buy, ‘cause when it gets cold WE 👏GET 👏DRY 👏 Which is the perfect excuse for us to build our extensive skincare routine.

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To spice up this blog, I asked my FABULOUS teammates what their favourite winter products are. We all have different skin types, so a bigger variety of recs is ALWAYS more helpful. Oh, and we obvs got some sweet discounts to help you make the final decision 🛍️

Beauty Discounts ATM:

Let’s check out these recs 🕵️

Klhoe suggests…

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Frank Body Glow Mask

“I tried this mask after experiencing dry skin as it got colder this year & I woke up to the most hydrated & glowy skin ever! My makeup went on flawlessly after using it too!”

Megan suggests…

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LYS Triple Fix Brightening Concealer

“Super lightweight concealer that’s perfect for covering dark circles - great for nights out in winter!”

Amber suggests…

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Blemish Patches & Vitamin C Cream

“ Perfect for days when a cheeky pimple pops up to cover it (also keeps you from touching it and making it worse!) PLUS the cream keeps my skin hydrated and nourished through the night and makes my morning routine shorter.”

Katy suggests…

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Ultra Facial Cream + Deep Cleansing Foam + Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

“Moisturiser is my go-to all day hydration - perfect for sensitive skin while the gentle foaming gel does a great job of removing makeup and keeping oil at bay! And I love a deep pore cleansing mask that detoxifies and smooths - a little goes a long way.”

Adele suggests…

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Aspect Extreme B 17 Serum

“Vitamin D to keep the skin hydrated. As soon as the cold hit, my skin got so dry, and this saved me! Goes on really nicely and not greasy but still leaves skin feeling hydrated and glowy. Highly recommend! “

We’re manifesting clear and HYDRATED skin all season long y’all 🤩

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