Nights Out With DiDi: Four Top Spots For Bops

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Paying less to get around means more money for fun stuff. In DiDi’s words: ‘Do More, Pay Less.’

Below we’ve compiled a list of Melbourne venues for different music tastes. The one thing they’ve got in common? They’re all on DiDi’s ‘Top Drop Off Spots’ list, so you can expect a ride to show up in under 4mins.

Do more dancing, pay less to get home safe.


Pretty ordinary week? If you want tunes that splash colour all over an otherwise grey day, take a walk on the picante side and pull up here on Thursdays for Tromba, the venue’s Latin American night. We dare you to try and sit still during the Bachata and Salsa dance lessons. All that hot-stepping will tire you and your tootsies out… but luckily we know a rideshare service that can get you home real quick 😏


If your vibe is more Parmie (‘Parma’ is also acceptable; love us, don’t judge us) than Salsa, do we have the joint for you. The Gaso has gigs on every bloody night of the week, a mezzanine that allows for a drone-esque view of the action, and – last but incredibly far from least – a retractable roof, which is great for allowing the loud and sweaty times inside to breathe a bit.


The Insta bio says it all (and the pics back it right up): “Dive Bar & Bandroom/Weekend club for zombies.” Indie acts and DJs out to fuel dancefloor shenanigans collide here – and with a closing time of 5AM, the joint has kick-ons well and truly covered. We pity your DiDi driver #sunrisemaccasmission


Melbourne’s second-oldest pub has a majestic name and is also a top date spot. The menu will have your tastebuds cheering and they’ve got live music (in both their bandroom and their basement; with acts covering a wide sonic spectrum) coming outta their ears – which should please yours.

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