Lil Nas X for Gen Ys

I’m 33 next month, which means I have some difficult decisions ahead of me:

Do I stick with almond milk or shift to oat milk?

Is it alright for me to write “yeet” in my Stories or do I need to go for something more age-appropriate, like “Yippie!”?

Can I sign-off emails “Yours yeetfully” or is that a big no-no?

Should I just buy a shitload of succulents instead of trying to get married and have kids?

Do I even attempt to figure out what all this yee haw stuff is about or throw in the towel of youth, buy a walking frame, and change my message font size to FKN MASSIVE?

The final point is the one at the forefront of my mind this week, thanks to Lil Nas X.

I gotta admit: I have Lil to no clue why “Old Town Road” is a thing – or even how to process it at all. Should I like it because it’s popular? Should I like it because it’s a meme? Am I old if I don’t like it? Am I old in general? Why does my lower back hurt?

Turns out it doesn’t matter.

While I don’t and can’t understand “Old Town Road” (seems I’m in the minority, since it’s topped the US charts for almost three months and broke Drake's record for most streams in a week), I kinda like Lil Nas X’s 7 EP.

Mainly because it’s quick.

The thing’s 19 minutes. There isn’t even time to dislike it.

7 has eight tracks on it: two of them are “Old Town Road” varietals and one is a country thing with Cardi B, which means there are five tracks I'm happy to cop.

Two are good enough to loop. “Panini” is 1:55, makes my head move, and reminds me of a Nirvana song I’m into. It’s inspired by a character from the cartoon Chowder, which is both silly and endearing.

At 2:29, “C7osure (You Like)” demands more of your time but also gives more back emotionally. It’s Lil Nas X getting all vulnerable on the beat: crying in the club and doing his best Kid Cudi impression.

Critics have used the work of Lil Nas X to investigate the current state of music and how genres seem to be melting into one another. If you ask yee, y’all are overthinking it: too much ‘how’, not enough ‘haw’.

Just saddle-up and ride out the dumb fun: it only takes a couple minutes.

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