How to cram for an exam you're not prepared for

So, you’ve left your exam prep to the last minute? Don’t worry! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with work, so be sure to check out these tips to help you ace that exam.

A different location

Sitting in the same room all day hoping the information will somehow sink in through photosynthesis can be draining. Try visiting a different location; like a café or library. Even clearing up your workspace can help. Having a new and organised area will help you recalibrate and focus on your work. Speaking of which...

Be organised

Before you start, make sure you’re organised. Don’t expect to take in any information by jumping from topic to topic with no structure. By having your key points and important sections laid out, you’ll be more focused and mentally prepared to tackle the work! Pro Tip: use your UNiDAYS discount to receive 20% off at Typo so you can have the best tools for the job ahead of you. There's no better feeling than a fresh notebook to get you in the study mood.

Revise out loud

This may not always work – especially if you’re in public! But if you’re in the right environment, try revising out loud. Everyone works differently but staring at your notes can get repetitive and tiring. Reading your work out loud can be a new way to engage with the information to help you learn. If you get bored, read them in a funny voice and you'll be sure to remember it.

Take away distractions

Whether it be Kylie Jenner’s Instagram or Love Island on TV, it’s easy to get distracted. Try putting your phone at the other side of the room…or turning it off completely if you’re brave enough! Getting focused is the key to revision, so remove distractions to get in the zone. Especially if you’re trying to cram for an exam – no time to waste!

Take breaks

It’s easy to feel like the work is getting on top of you, so be sure to take some breaks. Try 50 minutes of work, then a 10-minute break, or whatever works best for you. Not only will this help bring some structure to your revision, but it’ll also help you refocus when you get back to it. This might also be a good time to make sure you’re resupplied on water, so you stay hydrated!

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