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Yearning to create unique, one-of-a-kind outfits that LITERALLY have never been seen before? You’re in luck then, ‘cause Salvos has entered the UNiDAYS-verse. Get up to 20% Off ALL of their products - amazing prices are about to get EVEN better 🤑

Salvos are THE go-to thrifting store and have been since the 1880s. Pioneering the circular fashion movement in Australia, it’s pretty easy to see why the Salvos are still such a force in the fashion world and your soon-to-be fave shopping experience 😉

This may be a completely new world for you, so we’ve gone ahead and given you some of our favourite tips and tricks.

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Enter your prep era

Think moodboards and checklists, decide what you want before you even enter the store. This is important because thrift stores can be A LOT. Every type of clothing exists in these places, so having a game plan really helps in the long run. Also, wear comfortable clothing like a tank top, shorts and a pair of converse. It’ll make the try-on process easier and the long walks through the aisles bearable.

Material GWORL!

  • Keep your eyes peeled for vintage designers, you’d be surprised how many people give away amazing Dior and Gucci pieces.
  • Opt for items made of silk, cotton, linen, velvet, wool, leather and cashmere (‘cause these materials stand the test of time and will serve you for years to come)
  • The garment 100% your style? Think; Can you do a quick fix and take in the waist? Or maybe, a steam will change the entire vibe? Remember these clothes aren’t the normal trendy pieces you see in stores, so the fit may have to be perfected by you.

Inspect the goods

Customs is OPEN! You’ve finally chosen your hand picked items, now it’s time to make sure they all pass the test. Give it a once over for stains, snags, damage or not-cute signs of over-wear (sometimes this can be the exact look you’re on the hunt for ‘cause grunge goodness NEVER goes out of style!) Hardware intact? Double check the zips, buttons etc. Make sure it’s your style! Try it on, imagine what pieces you could wear it with - use your imagination.

Save your coin, help out Mother Earth and find the most ‘you’ pieces around! Just like every other skill, practice makes perfect. Don’t be disheartened if you find nothing on your first thrifting adventure, keep persevering, ‘cause now you’re just one step away from being thrifting royalty. Start your secondhand obsession by checking out your local Salvos, and become a UNiDAYS member to receive some sweet discounts along the way!

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