Binge-worthy YouTube channels that aren’t vloggers

I love a good vlog as much as the next person, but sometimes I just want to binge some good, satisfying content and be on my merry way.

Here are some channels to watch when you’re in the mood for something a lil different.

Binging with Babish

If you don’t already watch Babish, get ready for some delicious recreations of our favourite food from TV and movies and some useful tutorials. He combines his sultry tones with crisp camera work and delicious looking meals. Nuff said.

Primitive Technology

When I first discovered Primitive Technology, my mind was blown. Be amazed as this Aussie builds shelters, fires and tools using nothing but his two hands. There’s no intro, no talking and only the calming sounds of the Aussie bush. (pro tip: watch it with captions as he explains what he’s doing)


If you’re a fan of watching DIY tutorials and getting inspired to make things even though you probably won’t ever do them- this one's for you. Benji DIYs a whole house full of furniture that puts IKEA to shame. He loves using concrete, wood and metal and it’s all aesthetic af.


Polymer clay reminds me of the good ol' days of crudely made models for primary school projects. But, this sculpture artist creates amazing figures of characters from popular games, movies and tv series that makes my Year 4 solar system model look like garbage. Check him out below:


Hero Image Credit: Binging with Babish

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