5 series you need to binge watch this winter

Who doesn’t love a good afternoon (weekend) wrapped up in a blanket with a supply of snacks watching TV? Because it is the season for it, I've rounded up 5 of the best 2017 has to offer, with a few classics thrown in for good measure.

The Handmaid’s Tale

If you have not watched The Handmaid’s Tale yet… Rectify that situation. The entire first season is now up and streaming on SBS. Everything about this show is going to make you get excited about how freaking good TV has got in the past few years. Based on the Margaret Atwood novel that is part ‘dystopian fantasy’, part ‘almost our current reality’, The Handmaid’s Tale examines what a life not too far removed from our own could look like. Elisabeth Moss is completely captivating in her role as Offred. Her inner monologue juxtaposed with the oppressive political and social climate will have you on edge. Fancy reading the book? Grab 10% off The Handmaid's Tale from Booktopia.

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2. Big Little Lies

David E. Kelly, the man behind Six Feet Under has done it again. With a star studded cast and a beautiful backdrop, you couldn’t ask for more. Technically it is a mini series which is great for a weekend watch, c’mon folks… that is only 7 episodes to get through. Set in a small town where money and drama is in the air a murder is unravelled as the episodes play out. Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley are sure to be doing the rounds at every awards show for their roles. If nothing else you will be trying to figure out how you could afford a beachside mansion. Bonus points, the original novel (that you can grab from Booktopia with 10% off) was based on was written by an Aussie and it was originally set in a small beachside town in New South Wales.


Set in 1985, GLOW is the story of an out of work actress (Alison Brie), who finds herself auditioning for a rag-tag, all female wrestling TV show. Yes, you read that right. If you want some genuine laughs and to be inspired by a little bit of 80’s fashion, GLOW is a must watch. The eclectic cast is a breath of fresh air and will have you secretly wishing you could tease your hair, chuck on a leotard and figure out your ring alter ego. Having been described as a cross between Orange is the New Black and Dodgeball this show definitely needs to be next on your Netflix list.

4. Game of Thrones

An oldie, but always a goodie. Game of Thrones is finally back for its penultimate season. If you haven’t caught up on this show so far it is time to sit your butt in front of the TV and start trying to figure out which house has your allegiance. While sometimes slow moving, nothing beats an epic GoT battle scene. As we start to get on to the home stretch it's guaranteed that you will be wincing, cheering and learning Valyrian during your weekly fix. Surely by now we all must know more than Jon Snow? Did you know GoT was originally a series of books? Grab them with 10% off from Booktopia.

5. Please Like Me

Finally, a shout out to a show that is surely one of the most relatable, and entertaining Australian comedies of all time, Please Like Me. Josh is a 20 something uni student who is just trying to exist in this world when his girlfriend breaks up with, tells him he is probably gay and copes with his mother’s attempted suicide. Despite all of this, it is a comedy. The characters are honest and you swear that half the dialogue could have come out of someone you know’s mouth. Created by Josh Thomas, who plays the lead character, Please Like Me only has four short seasons but you will be so glad you have indulged in this comedic gold once you do.

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