6 ways to celebrate end of exams

We're coming to the end of that dark, miserable period - exam season. And once we've made it out the other side we can FINALLY start getting into the summer spirit (festival season come at me!). Not sure how to let loose after your exams, we've got some ideas for you here.

1. Throw a party

Or spend a night out on the town, after all, you're exam-free and this definitely calls for a celebration. But if drinking and partying is your choice of getting out of the study zone, remember to drink responsibly and stay safe.

2. Take a trip

Freedom is upon you now and summer is ahead. Plan bargain getaway with your friends with 10% off at Geckos Adventures your UNiDAYS discount. Or take to the road on a coastal road trip, I can smell the ocean already!

3. Sleep

Sleep is a definite must, especially if you've been successfully following our All Nighter Survival Guide. Catch up on those Z's and get ready for a great summer ahead.

4. Rest & relaxation

Nothing beats a bit of R&R after the major stresses of exams. Whether you're planning a full on spa day or a Netflix and Chill, the world is your oyster now until February.

5. Shopping

An obvious choice, think of all the $$$ you've saved while you've had your head in the books. And don't forget you can use your awesome UNiDAYS App in stores including Supré to save 20% on your summer spree - we've got your back!

6. Cocktails!

Cocktails are a must! Summer is coming in quick and so are the tropical cocktail vibes. Invite your friends over for a cocktail evening or hit the town for a boozy bonanza.

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