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NordVPN 2 years with 77% off + Saily eSIM data - UNiDAYS student discount July 2024



2 years with 77% off + Saily eSIM data
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Do you value your privacy online? 🔐
  • Yes, I'm VERY cautious online
  • Nope, I have nothing to hide
  • Yes, but I value convenience more
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Learn more about VPN's and what they do! 🧠⚡️
Ever wondered what a VPN is? This video will tell you everything you need to know!
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What would stop you from buying from NordVPN??
  • The discount could be better👎
  • I'm trying to save money💸
  • The website is confusing🤯
  • I need more info on the products‼
  • Other...
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Cybersecurity myths explained 🤔
Are you acting safe online? Check out the most frequent cybersecurity​ myths and learn the truth!
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How much do you know about VPNs? 🧠
  • I know tonnes about VPNs!
  • I have no idea..
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Why Do You Need a VPN? 💭
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Do you use public Wi-Fi? 📶
  • Of course!
  • Yes, but only with a VPN
  • Never, I don't trust them
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What is a VPN and how does it work? 🤔
The most common questions for anyone who’s getting familiar with the world of online privacy
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How the dark web was born...⬇
Protect your privacy on and off the dark web 🥸
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How to Block Ads with a VPN ❌
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How can hackers access your camera? 👁
Improve your online protection with NordVPN!
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Make the Most of Your Internet With NordVPN 🙌
Bored at home is not an option when you use NordVPN. Make the most out of your internet!
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How to change your virtual location to ANYWHERE in the world 🌎