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Ann Summers 15% Off - UNiDAYS student discount January 2021



15% Student Discount
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Have you signed up to be an Ann Summers party ambassador?
  • Yes & I'm planning my first party
  • Not yet, but I'm doing my research
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Get paid to party (virtually) with Ann Summers
Become an Ann Summers ambassador and join the sisterhood today for £10
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Orgasms: Your Questions Answered…
You asked, so Ann Summers sat with a Qualified Sex Therapist to find out answers.
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Body Affirmations to Increase Your Sexual Confidence
We gathered some of our favourite affirmations so you can be your own confident self
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Want to book an Ann Summers party?
Staying in can be fun - have an Ann Summers online party and get 10% off latest lingerie collections
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Become an Ann Summers Party Ambassador
Love to party and want to earn money at the same time? Click to find out more
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Bisexuality and Me by Jade Laurice
Everyone’s journey is different - Read Jade's story here.
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Would you like to get paid to be an Ann Summers Party Ambassador?
  • Hell Yeah!
  • It's not for me
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Sexual Wellbeing: Get to know your body
We're here to help with all things female pleasure and wellbeing
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Have you heard about Ann Summers Party Ambassador's?
  • Nope
  • I'm interested, tell me more...
  • Yes and I am one!
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Your guide to Sex Positions
So time to spice things up and get creative in the bedroom! Staying in never seemed so good…
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A Guide to Lockdown Dating
You had the first date (or two!), so how do you keep dating 'long-distance' during the lockdown?
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How do you use lube?
Trust us – if you’ve not experimented with lube yet, you’re missing out on a whole world of pleasure
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Talking About Sex with Your Partner
Communication is the absolute 🔑 but can feel awkward. Read on to find out more
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Exploring Bisexuality: What Does Bi Curious Mean?
It doesn’t matter what sex you’re attracted to, as long as you feel good about yourself
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Choose the right lingerie to enhance your body
It's not about what you've got – it's about what you do with it.
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KBX Planet Launch!
We have launched OUR new Knickerbox collection, a sustainable range – Click to find out more!
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The Couple's Guide to Sex Toys
Yes, you can use sex toys with your partner.
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Phone Sex, FaceTime Sex and Sexting Tips
Lockdown dating? There’s no need to cut the sexual side out of your relationship.
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We're now on Tik Tok!
Follow us on @annsummersofficial
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Exploring your body should always be celebrated...
So we’re easing you into a month of sexual self-discovery with weekly tips. Click to find out more
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Chilling just got hot with Ann Summers Loungewear
Ranging from soft PJ’s with sassy slogans to sheer, unbridled seduction, AS has got the goods
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Introducing the new Sexy Lace range
Comfy enough for the day yet sexy enough for after-dark, with all the support. Get 20% off now 😍