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Hack24 UNiDAYS Challenge


UNiDAYS Hack24 challenge

We’re proud to be once again sponsoring this year’s Hack24 and we reckon we’ve come up with a challenge that should definitely spark your creativity.

We are the leading student affinity network and we strive to make every experience more valuable and rewarding for our members. As part of this commitment, we spend a lot of time thinking up awesome new products which then need a catchy name. So, with that in mind, our Hack24 challenge is…

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Sounds like UNiDAYS

What do we mean by that? Simple. We’d like your entry to be based on a name which rhymes with or sounds like UNiDAYS.

Here are some examples to help get your creative juices flowing:

    All in one student scheduler, including notes, lecture schedule and student union nights out!
  • U Need Dave
    Boiler broken? Toilet not flushing? Sounds like you need a Dave! Find a tradesman near you.
    Broke, but your friends aren't? Get them to pay for your pizza! Or share the price of some burgers to celebrate your exam results.

Go big, go bold

You will be judged on the following…

  • Recognisability

    How easy it is to link the name to the app created

  • Creativity

    How the name has been interpreted into the app.

  • Quality

    A bad idea done brilliantly is still... a bad idea.

Those who dare, win. And in this case the winning team for this challenge will receive a carefully curated goody bag chosen by our Technical Team.

Image of UNiDAYS member

Your creations will be judged by…

Greg Tudor

There's no business like code business and Greg should know - he's currently a Lead Developer at UNiDAYS, responsible for internal improvements.

Backed by 15 years of developer experience, Greg and his team fight the forces of ageing code, one line at a time. Outside of work, Greg spends his time with his wife, two daughters and an impressive Lego collection.

This year’s Hack24 is taking place on the 10th and 11th March 2018 at the Nottingham Council House. Be sure to check out Hack24’s website for more details and to sign up (if you haven’t already).