We took on PureGym's Pure Battle and survived!

We love a new fitness challenge here at UNiDAYS HQ so when we heard from PureGym that they were releasing a new class, we just had to try it out!

Enter, Pure Battle! This is essentially a team game where you can have up to 9 members on a team and it's a race to see who can complete their circuits first. Only one team member is working at a time with the rest of the team performing an exercise such as press ups, mountain climbers or star jumps in the 'holding pen'. When that team member is home and dry, the next person and go until everyone has completed the circuit! Each class has different exercises but we tackled kettlebell swings, bicep curls, plate thrusters and weighted lunges in ours.

We caught up with our instructor, Laura, to give us the low down on the class!

1. Can you give us an insight into your new class, what was the inspiration behind it? What would you compare it to?

"The purpose of this class was to bring a new lease of life to the usual class formats, whilst allowing members to work both individually and as part of a team. Think 'competitive circuit training' and you won't be far off! What's also unique about this class is the fact that you can also use tact if you want your team to win!"

You can sub in a member of your team to complete an exercise that you're not keen on or aren't that strong at if you really want to win!

2. Can anyone get involved or is it quite skilled?

"This class is for absolutely anybody and everybody. The exercises are always coached and demonstrated, which options and modifications offered."

3. Do you know how many calories you can burn in the new class?

As it's a class, there hasn't been any official calorie burn statistics, however, due to the nature of the workout, you can assume to burn anything up to 500kcals in 1 class dependant on effort and individual body composition!

4. How long is the class?

"45 minutes"

5. What's your most popular class at PureGym?

"Pure Cycle!"

We loved the class and would definitely recommend it if you fancy doing something new at the gym. Don't forget that you can grab up to 20% off PureGym memberships using your UNiDAYS account.

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