7 back to uni feels

Going back to uni brings a lot of feelings. Here's some we reckon you'll defo be going through rn.

1. Major CBA to pack again and move your stuff

AND you want me to unpack?!

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2. Excitement at seeing your uni squad

Reunited, and it feels so good.

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3. Trying to gear yourself up for learning again

You mean I actually have to do something this semester?

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4. Getting sucked into Netflix black hole

I don't love Peter Kavinsky, you do!

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5. The hassle of cooking for yourself again

After a whole summer of your mum spoiling you.

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6. Hearing names of buildings you’d never heard of

And you thought you’d sussed uni out by now.

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7. The thought of getting up for lectures

Praying for no 9ams!!!!

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