5 lazy ways to burn extra calories

We all wish that we could look like an Instagram beach body and only eat pizza, this is true. But sometimes you kinda can't just do nothing and still expect to lose a bit of weight or tone up for the summer. We've researched hard and have come up with 5 ways of burning those extra calories without massive amounts of effort because ain't nobody got time for that when there's naps to be had.

1. Cut calories

This is the total opposite of burning but I'm going to start with the laziest way to lose weight to start with. You don't even have to do any more exercise than you usually do for this one. To lose a pound of fat, you need to be in a deficit of 3500 calories over the time that you want to lose it. Just swap out fatty salad dressings for low fat mayo, two sugars for one sugar in your tea and other obviously low-calorie swaps that you might not notice.

2. Don't hold on

If you do cardio in the gym instead of outside activities then remember to not hold on to the sides of the treadmill or the stepper. Yep, this is harder but it'll actually burn the calories that the machine says you are. If you're holding on, you're not burning as many calories as you once thought.

3. 28 minute workouts

I mean, even the laziest of us can manage less than half an hour's workout, right? Plus, you don't even have to get your butt to the gym with 35% off Sweat With Kayla for your first 4 weeks! With an app packed full of workouts, motivation and delicious recipes you've got no excuse to at least be a little bit motivated now. ‌

4. Rests

Yep, you can burn more calories by taking rests! Well, you can if you work really, really hard for a small amount of time. Intervals or HIIT (high intensity interval training) are a great way to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. You have to work a little harder than a casual walk on the treadmill during the work out times but it'll reap the rewards afterwards! HIIT = less time working out. Winner.

5. Eat breakfast

When you eat something first thing, your body then knows that you're not starving and then starts to burn calories. If you don't eat, it saves them all up and doesn't start to burn calories or fat until you eat again. Kick start your morning and your calorie burning with a light and tasty breakfast! Blog-Perk-KaylaItsines_NP35

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