Your Friendship Group As Pizzas + a $20,000 Dominos Giveaway

Ever compared your friends to a pizza? Me neither until now. But the similarities are frighteningly real and not to stereotype or anything, but I am 99% sure that you have a friend who is just like one of these pizza toppings…

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Hawaiian - The Friend You Love To Hate

Controversial, quirky and sometimes just a little downright offensive. You either love pineapple on a pizza or you hate it and just like your Hawaiian friend, there’s NO inbetween.

Supreme - People Pleaser

Indecisive and insecure, this is your ‘bit-of-this-bit-of-that’ friend and whilst they get along with everyone, they also go along with everything and would probably flush their head down the toilet if you asked them to.

Meat Lovers - The Messy One

This is your friend who hasn’t got their shit together, they’re running on 3 days dry shampoo and like to sleep a lot. They’re notorious for being late and they can’t make their mind up - just like a Meat Lovers pizza which has 4 (5?) different types of meat on it (i’m not sure because i’ve lost count).

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Pepperoni - Sass Queen

Honest and straight to the point, this friend is always loyal and consistent and you know you can always count on them. They are your go to for advice and they always add a little bit of ‘spice’ to your life.

Margarita - The Basic Bitch

They can sometimes come across as a little bit boring and a little bit ‘basic’, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need in your life. This is your no bullshit friend who just wants to get on with things. Don’t underestimate the power of a classic cheese and tomato combo 💁‍♀️

Now that you’ve been thinking about pizza for the last 2 mins I bet you’re hungry. But you already know that you can get 50% off* Dominos pizzas so i’ll get to the juicy stuff.

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Dominos are running a MASSIVE $20k giveaway atm that you don’t want to miss out on!

It’s pretty simple - once you've got your pizza, grab a friend (probably your Supreme 'People Pleaser’ friend because they’re always down for anything), take a pic of you both with your pizza in the most epic place you can think of and upload it here.

Make sure you’re also following @DOMIONOS_AU on Insta and like the Domino’s Australia Facebook Page to be in with a chance!


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