YAS QUEEN! You can now buy official Broad City sex toys


If ever there’s been a time to be your all caps self, it’s now. Lovehoney has partnered with Broad City to bring all you kweens a line of toys that’ll make every day feel like you’re Abbi at BB&B.

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Sometimes you just wanna go home and watch your shows. Then again, sometimes you wanna go home and do anything but that. Here’s where Lovehoney x Broad City can come in handy. If you’re the Ilana in your group of friends, you already know all about the benefits of nature’s pocket. Treat yourself to the Yas Kween 10 Function Bullet (its price tag will make you say “Cha-Chinga!” unironically).

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Perhaps you’re more of an Abbi and while you may have angelic qualities, you still like to get in the mood. For you, there’s the In The Mood Lipstick Vibrator. It’s discreet so if you fall into a store display while twerking or destroy a grocery store due to Bingo Bronson, it’ll still be chill af if it falls out of your bag.

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Maybe you’re not Abbi OR Ilana. Maybe you’re Lincoln. Maybe you’re Trey. Maybe you’re… Bevers? Whoever you may be, the Respect Your Dick 10 Function Love Ring can serve a multitude of purposes (including but not limited to being a conversation starter). That means that no matter what (or who) you buy it for, your wallet will be saying “YAS QUEEN”.

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The line is extremely affordable (even more so with your Lovehoney discount), so it doesn’t matter if you’ve “got money now” or are being “a regular Matt and Ben”. Go forth and fulfill your Broad City dreams.

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