What's news? Half a dozen happenings from the week

Chinese love apps, a million species going MIA, and sturdy eggs. Welcome to the week that was... sorta.

Can’t buy me love?

You’re a successful female TV producer. You’ve got four hot dudes to choose from. Welcome to Love and Producer, China’s hottest “virtual romance” game. Sound silly? Well how does $US32m sound, because that’s how much the game made last month from in-app purchases...

Sneak a Pika

According to the journal Nature Human Behavior, scans of people’s brains who played Pokémon as both kids and adults revealed that they have a region that responds more to the cartoon characters than to other pictures. Wonder if Detective Pikachu can figure out the science behind this...

Cool… looks like the planet’s getting more fkd

The United Nations’ Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services warns that, thanks to our habitat-destroying behaviours, one million species may be pushed to extinction in the next few years. The full report is some 1,500 pages and was authored by 145 experts from 50 countries.

Don’t go Dutch

Amsterdam has a population of 17m. Tourist numbers reached 18m last year and are projected to hit the 42m mark by 2030. With small villages being overrun by visitors, tulip fields getting crushed, and locals losing their patience, the Dutch tourism board is now looking for ways to “control visitor flows”.

You’re so eggstra

Prime Minister Scott Morrison had an egg thrown at him while campaigning in Albury. Somehow, the egg remained intact(!), but there’s just over a week to go until the federal election, so let’s see how the next piece of flying food fares.

A blog’s life

Tumblr, the content haven/social platform (21.6 million posts are published on it per day), is currently for sale, after years of kinda just floundering. The most interested party? Pornhub (ironically, Tumblr banned porn from the site last December).

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