What's news? 8 things that happened this week

K-Pop, zodiac shopping, and nature's revenge. Welcome to the week that was... sorta.

y(o)u s(h)ould see (h)er (i)n a crown

Gonna be a while before the party’s over for Invisalign-wearing, capital-letter-hating 17-year-old Billie Eilish (full name: Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell): she currently has the top album and single in Australia

Cows > commutes

Vegan protesters took to the streets of Melbourne to call attention to Australian livestock farm practices, with 39 charged for obstructing roadways.


Solange has withdrawn from Coachella because of “major production delays”, which translates to her band getting sick and not being able to be replaced in time.

The elephant in the room

A suspected rhino poacher was reportedly trampled to death by an elephant in South Africa’s Kruger National Park… then lions ate his remains. Karma much?

Watch the drone

Need a burrito... or some gelato… from the sky? Better move to Canberra. After a year of testing, Google has launched its drone delivery service in northern Canberra.

The K of Pop

With their new single “Kill This Love”, K-Pop powerhouse Blackpink became the first all-girl group to top the iTunes charts since Destiny’s Child in 2004. AND their music vid became the fastest to 100m views on YouTube (knocking fellow K-Popper Psy – remember him? No? – off top spot).

Gemini before you buy

Amazon Prime are making purchase recommendations based on astrology now. We kinda do the same thing: whenever Mercury’s in retrograde we buy heaps more wine.

Doin' it for the galaxy

Ever wanted to see a supermassive black hole? You're in luck: the Event Horizon Telescope took a pic of one this week – the very first time one's been snapped before.

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