What's news? 6 things that happened this week

Snakes take over, rats take over, and comedians take over. Welcome to the week that was... sorta.


Volodymyr Zelenskiy, a comedian/actor/screenwriter, can now add president-elect of Ukraine to his CV – he won over 70% of the vote in this week's election. He's best known for creating and starring in the comedy series Servant of the People, in which he played... President of Ukraine.

Island Tings

Lord Howe Island has a serious rodent problem. They've so far been linked to the extinction of at least five bird species and 13 invertebrates. The (controversial) solution? A tribunal has decided to air-drop tonnes of rat poison, in an attempt to exterminate over 360,000 rats.

Out Of Off-hiss

Liberian President George Weah (fun fact: he was a star soccer player in the '90s) decided to work from home instead of the foreign affairs building this week, after snakes were spotted slithering out of the walls.

You Musk Be Joking

Elon Musk, the Twitter tornado and co-founder and CEO of Tesla (among various other companies), made the ambitious claim that autonomous Teslas (no driver required) would be on the road by mid-2020, along with 1 million “robotaxis”. Then he added, "Sometimes I am not on time... but I get it done.”

I Need Some Space

In planetary news, five months after touching down on the surface of Mars, the NASA probe InSight has detected and measured what scientists are calling a “marsquake”. If confirmed, it'd be the first seismological tremor recorded on another planet.

Word Up

We got new words, we count 'em: Merriam-Webster added 640 of the things to its dictionary in April. One of them was stan, which is fitting, since we're all going bananas for GoT and Endgame atm.

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