US Two Week Trip Itinerary

So, you’ve probably heard of this little country - it’s where the Simpsons was set and where Lizzo is from, any guesses? That’s right, we’re going on an adventure to explore ALL of America in 14 days. 2 weeks to explore one of the most talked about nations on the planet - sound like a plan?

Before we start though, here are some pointers;

  • Think about renting a car, ‘cause it’s a massive country and public transportation isn’t as easy to access for long treks
  • Flights are also an option, just keep in mind it will be slightly more expensive
  • Remember to TIP! It’s a MUST (rule of thumb, 15-20% of the total price)
  • Every state is VERY different so be careful of the certain laws and social norms each have

Oh, and here are our FAB savings 😉

Day 1-3: New York

An image Source: GIPHY

Yes, the place of romantic comedy dreams will be your first destination. This city is full of amazingly large billboards and the fashion elite - we can guarantee every shot you take will be aesthetic AF.

  • The Statue of Liberty, among other sites, are the first few you’ll be seeing thanks to this tour
  • Central Park is where you’ll be going to unwind, buy some picnic food and enjoy the peace of this park
  • Use this pass to enter The Empire State Building, Museum of Natural History and more!
  • Times Square and the Big Apple are a must too! Go shopping and get lost in the sea of people

Day 4-6: Las Vegas

An image Source: Pinterest

You may correlate this place with Elvis Presley impersonators, massive buffets and very camp outfits - but there is SO much more to this city! Guess you’ll find out for yourself soon enough 😉

  • As soon as you arrive be sure to take some snaps with the iconic Las Vegas city sign
  • Check out the Grand Canyon, yeah it’s near Las Vegas wild right?, with this small group tour
  • Being in a city with SO much to do, it can be hard to decide where to start so why not opt for a Hop On Hop Off bus?
  • Fremont Street’s next on the agenda, ‘cause now that you’re here you should try out partying (it’s renowned here for a reason)

Day 7-10: Los Angeles

An image Source: GIPHY

The land where all the influencers and celebs alike gather, you will definitely run into someone famous here 😎

  • Walk of Fame anyone? Check out all the stars on the boardwalk, defs check out the Dolby Theatre (they just host this little thing called the Academy Awards) and, ofc, pose in front of the Hollywood sign- try out this tour or this bus to streamline the siteseeing
  • Griffith Observatory’s your next stop, look down at all of LA from this handy location
  • Now you’re down with the tourist spots, experience all of the culture this city has to offer! Head down to the Getty, the Arts District, Little Tokyo, DTLA and Melrose.
  • BTW if you have time check out Universal Studios and WB Studios Tour
  • End the LA trip with a sunset view of the city from Culver City.

Day 11-14: San Francisco

An image Source: Gfycat

The Golden Gate, the ever-so-popular choice for B-roll footage in films, is your next stop! Oh yeah, and it’s the home of Full House so pretty iconic.

  • It’s the last city so curb your energy by booking this 2-day tour bus
  • On this tour check out;
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Golden Gate Bridge (the signature site of this city)
  • Chinatown, immerse yourself in the yummiest food in the country
  • Alcatraz, if you’re into history

Done and dusted! You covered the US too now, truly unstoppable 🏃

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