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No gear, no idea and in desperate need of a lightbulb idea? Cue UNiDAYS! The choices do seem ENDLESS these days with companies, and their elves, creating devices left and right. We get how overwhelming it can get. Lucky for you, we’ve collated some student-approved essentials that’ll support you through your procrastination sessions and your last-minute cramming. We love versatility, and good investments. Here’s to finding your long-term love 😁

The Holy Grail

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HP Envy

HP Secret Deal 🤫

As the name suggests, the HP Envy will make everyone turn green. Why? Other than being labelled as one of the best HP laptops for WFH purposes, it has an amazing battery life and can support both creative endeavours + regular uni work. No compromises here, live your best student life!

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Microsoft Secret Deal 🤫

Introducing a device that’s more flexible than your study schedule, the Microsoft Surface 9 is built for all of you who can’t decide between a tablet or a laptop. As the legend herself said, “why not both?”. Tap into your most productive self with the Surface, ‘cause you can use it anywhere, any time with its slim design + super smooth systems, thanks to the 12th Generation Intel Core i5 processor.

Legion 5 Gen 7

Lenovo Secret Deal 🤫

LOL means something else for you? Support your gamer life AND your student duties with the Lenovo Legion 5 laptop. Take your laptop experience to the next level with this chic construction that features a slim design, a discrete webcam (perfect for your last-minute group meetings), amazing graphics and strong CPU/GPU that’ll keep up with your deadlines and leaderboard climbs.

Music To Your Ears

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Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Samsung Secret Deal 🤫

Embody true main character energy with a killer soundtrack, made easier by the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. These handy little things stay in your ears ALL day long (no matter how much you bang your head to the latest Doja bop), deliver amazing sound quality, adjust automatically to suit the environment you’re in and, the best part, as it uses Intelligent 360 audio, you’ll be able to truly immerse yourself into the tracks and imagine your dream MV life. This choice sounds crystal clear to us 👀

Airpods Max

Apple Secret Deal 🤫

It’s giving stunning sound and iconic looks - the Apple Airpods Max did NOT come here to play. The regular headphones you knew have been reimagined to bring you immersive high-quality audio (just try out the Active Noise Cancellation feature!) and it's been intricately designed to ensure every aspect is perfect. How you like this Apple?

JBL Live Pro 2 TWS Wireless Earbuds

JBL Secret Deal 🤫

Finally in the mood to study, but need something to get into the lo-fi study vibes? How about the JBL Live Pro 2 TWS Wireless Earbuds then? Keep the beats flowing all day long with up to 40 hours of JBL’s Signature Sound, get in the zone with the True Adaptive Noise Cancelling and Smart Ambient option, or make seamless hands-free calls on the way to your next lecture ‘cause they’re fitted with 6 sound-catching mics 😱 Small AND mighty.

Spice Up Your Devices

Now that you’ve chosen the devices that’ll have your back for your ENTIRE uni career, it’s time to make them 100% yours. And, how do we do that? With accessories that are both amazing eye-candy and useful - we love duality.

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Welcome to the Hi-Tech life, once you’ve seen this pro side of life you’ll never settle for any less. Lucky for you (‘cause you’ve DEFS signed up to UNiDAYS right?), you have 100s of discounts at your disposal. Who said being a student can’t be fun and games?

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