UNiDAYS Student Awards 2022 FAQs

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All of the biggest stars have gathered for the biggest event of the year - UNiDAYS Student Awards. Your faves such as productivity, creativity, leadership and individuality have ALL RSVP’d yes 🎉

We love to celebrate our members, and what better way than to elevate the aces of our community? But before we even start the awards seasons, let’s learn more about the event itself by answering your questions!

Important dates

Voting period:

1st November to 4th December

Processing of nominations:

5th December to 16th December

Winner announcement:

19th December

Can you explain more about the award categories?

Well, the deal is sweet AF, first of all, and, second of all, there are four comprehensive categories that we think best represents our community. They are;


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Slashing off goals is your life’s PURPOSE! You always know what you want, and you make sure to attain it in the most finessed way possible. Highlight your best qualities with this award.

Innovation Sensation

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Do your ideas cross barriers, create new universes and completely destroy the box? Then this award was made for you! Celebrate that mind palace of yours.

Creative Champion

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Idealists, this is your moment to shine in the spotlight! Never stop viewing the world in your Luna Lovegood-ness, creative minds make the world turn and now, it’s your chance to be acknowledged!

Wild Card

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Don’t feel like you fit into any of these other award titles? DW, we got you covered with this one 😁 Being outside of the ‘usual’ has always been YOUR thing, don’t let that change now - embrace all of your unique qualities!

Reading these categories make you think of anyone? Nominate them ASAP! And yes, you can vote for yourself too! (Self-love anyone?) Just make sure whoever you vote for is a member with UNiDAYS, click here to register 🖊️

Tell me more about the prizes!

If you’re lucky enough to win, you can look forward to prizes that are up worth up to $1000 😱

Even if you don’t win, we have heaps of discounts available for EVERYONE who nominates anyone! It’s a win-win situation.

What’s the judging process?

After we’ve collected ALL of the nominations, we’ll go through them and then shortlist 5-10 of you in each category. Finally, the respective sponsors of each award will get to choose the winner!

How do I enter?

Once you’re ready to nominate someone, fill out this form! There’s a winner in the making here 👩‍⚖️

… And how will I know if I’ve won??

We’ll contact you via email/phone/socials within five working days of the initial announcement. Please check those often! If the winner hasn’t responded or hasn’t been able to claim the prize within seven days, the judges will have to select another winner. So keep those notifs on!!

Awards interrogation complete, now all you gotta do is nominate! And use these discounts while you wait for the winners to be announced. Good luck everyone!!

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