UNiDAYS' Holiday Gift Guide

Sometimes, buying presents for your closest circle is PEAK difficult. Overthinking, knowing everything but nothing at all??? Take a deep breath ‘cause we, as always, have brought you the goods! By ‘goods’ we mean a comprehensive gift guide and discounts that make the entire gifting season even jollier!

We recommend you start putting on your red coat, hat and belt ‘cause we’re basically making you into a cooler Santa. You’re welcome.

Partners In Procrastination

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Every time you had a deadline to smash, an exam to cram for - this friend had your back. They kept you awake, texted reminders and brought ALL the energy drinks a student could wish for 🥺Thank them by gifting them a tea set, laptop accessories and a new desk set-up. Your friend deserves ONLY the best!

Sustainable Warrior

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Saving the Earth one metal straw at a time. This person is forever updating you on how to be more eco-conscious in your everyday life! Be sure to give back to them in a green way too by opting for environmentally friendly clothing, like t-shirts made from hemp cotton and eco-friendly make-up products.

Modern Day Chopin

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Do you have a human jukebox in your life? ‘Cause they honestly know EVERY song that has ever been made, 80s rock to k-pop - they know it all! Streamline their music-genius by gifting them a pair of new headphones or speakers that’ll make the late-night singing sessions even easier.

Influencer In The Making

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They always know the latest TikTok dance, the trendiest OOTDs and they speak exclusively in popular audios - we all know someone like this. This person knows all the best angles and is forever known for their immaculate style. So, why not give them something that they’ll be sure to tag on their next post? We’re thinking of a mini dress, platform shoes or a matching set - ya can’t go wrong!

Beauty Guru

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Gone are the days where the only makeup royalty was seen embroiled in tea on YouTube, welcome in the new reign with some beauty guru necessities! This is usually THAT person with a killer cut crease on the daily, and we have some gift ideas we think they’d love! Gift sets, advent calendars and hair care bundles. FAB is the only way!

Vibe Checker

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This friend? They always know, it’s like they have a sixth sense. The Vibe Checker is very in tune with their emotions, your emotions and the universe, and you should thank them for their constant advice by gifting them a package holiday (de-stressing is a must!), a chill magazine session or a personalised phone case that lets them express themselves on the daily!

The Intellectual

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Big brain supremacy! Textbooks, random facts and ample amounts of knowledge is what this person is made out of. It’s genuinely amazing how much they’ve learnt about the universe, and we’re bet you’re super grateful for this friend in your classes! Show your gratitude with a subscription to Skillshare (let them keep expanding their minds!!) + Audible, or you could gift them their favourite book.

Before you know it, all of your mates will be calling you the gift queen/king! This blog, along with these amazing tips, can be our little secret. Happy giftmas!!

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