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Ready to start this new chapter of your life in style? Well, then you’ve clicked on the right blog ‘cause we’ve got all the tips and tricks you could possibly need for your upcoming uni career! 😎 You’ll want to bookmark this page.

Offer up!

We know this sounds pretty straightforward, but you’d be surprised how many people leave this to the last minute and then enter a spiral of panic. So, get ahead of your peers and accept your uni offer as soon as you receive it! Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishment, you did SO much to get here 👏🏽

Enrolled yet?

If you’re feeling a bit dizzy after seeing the word ‘enrol’, this section is JUST for you! Let’s make an action plan together;

  • Sign up to your student portal
  • Apply for a student card
  • Inquire about school fees, and apply for HELP loans
  • Pick out your majors, minors and units - we recommend creating a spreadsheet that forecasts all of the units you need for the entirety of your course (consult with your course coordinator)

Splurge for good

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Tech picks:

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