Two Weeks In Europe Itinerary

Cheese, breads, cathedrals, trench coats, immaculate ✨vibes✨ all around - yes, we’re talking about the beautiful continent that is Europe! If you’re a fan of historical sites, amazing food, culture and want to live out your Bridgerton dreams then this is the perfect place for you 🧳

No matter which month you want to travel, there’s something to see all year ‘round! You have no excuse NOT to go 🛫

Ready to embark on your next adventure? Then scroll down to get an in-depth two week itinerary made just for you (+ some 🔥discounts to help you save along the way)


Day 1: London, England

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* Purchase an Oyster card - you’ll be needing it for the three days here * Get a SIM that’ll have access all over Europe (Google maps needs data 💡).

  • Westminster - this is where you can check out some of London’s most iconic landmarks like Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and (the Insta dream) Big Ben
  • Piccadilly Circus’s your next stop, makes it easier to get to your next destination), after that you can check out Trafalgar Square & the National Gallery - FYI most museums/galleries have free admission so go NUTS!!
  • Warner Bros Studio for all of you HP fan - Yer in London Harry, so book your tickets and live out your wizard fantasies

Day 2: London, England

  • Portobello markets, Abbey Road, Camden Town, Baker Street and Brick Lane
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral will take your breath away - so, highly recommend this site
  • Notting Hill’s where you’ll be ending the day
  • Pro-Tip: if you want to make site-seeing a tad easier opt for the Hop Off Hop On Bus that’ll take you around London

Day 3: London to Paris

  • From St. Pancras International Railway Station, take the Eurostar (2 hour train) to Paris
  • After you’ve arrived and have checked into your hotel, it’s time to explore this gorgeous city (reclaim it from Emily 😉)
  • Louvre Museum, first stop, you won’t forget this museum EVER
  • Eiffel Tower (be careful of the vendors there), remember to take pics from ALL angles and check out all of these things you can do for FREE there
  • Catacombs, is your last stop of the day, buy tickets here

Day 4: Paris, France

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Day 5: Paris, France

  • Versailles Palace, is the place to start your tour of the iconic castles in France
  • Then board the train to Munich (depart from Paris Gare de l'Est then go to Munich Hauptbahnhof, you’ll need to reserve these in advance)

Day 6: Munich, Germany

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  • By today, your body will probably start to feel a bit tired - but, no fear, the hop on hop off bus strikes again! Ride this one and see ALL of Germany the easiest way possible
  • End the day with dinner at one of these renowned restaurants (definitely opt for their amazing selection of pretzels and sausages)

Day 7: Munich, Germany

  • Take a tour of the fairy tale-like castles that surround this nation
  • And if you feel like you have some extra energy, try out a tour of the chocolate factory 🤤

Day 8: Cologne, Germany

  • All abroad! Reach Cologne via train, and check out the Cologne Cathedral which is close to the station
  • Lindt Museum’s your next site to see, ‘cause ya know CHOCOLATE!!!
  • Take today a bit more chill, and then prep yourselves to catch a flight to Amsterdam

Day 9: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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  • Museum square is the place to be so that you can easily access Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum (and don’t be afraid to try some brownies if that’s your thing 😉)
  • PRO TIP: Purchase the Museumkaart to save money on overall entrance fees
  • Get a quick lunch after and then explore the rest of the place via a city canal cruise

Day 10: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Nice and early today, because we’re going to see the true history of this country by entering the Anne Frank House (buy tickets from their official website)
  • After, head over to the Museum Ons Lieve Heer Op Solder
  • The Dam Square and Haarlem where we recommend exploring at your own pace, take this time to unwind and see how the city actually is

Day 11 & 12: Start in Florence, Italy and end in Venice, Italy

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  • Ciao, Bella! Now you’ve arrived in the land of pizza and pasta - your lunch + dinner dates are SET (seriously, go anywhere and you’ll find an amazing feed)
  • Take this tour to see everything you need to in the two days you have here!
  • Catch a flight to Barcelona, Spain - it’s the last stop on this 2 week tour!

Day 13: Barcelona, Spain

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  • Use today to explore all the sights of the city with this tour
  • End the day by eating at one of these restaurants - can’t miss some tacos!
  • Then, catch a flight to Madrid

Day 14: Madrid, Spain

  • Go on this tour of the main cities
  • End your unforgettable adventure with a classic flamenco dinner

Enjoy your trip, and be sure to spam your Insta stories 😏

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