Top Five Student Essential Study Tools

Studying 🥲 Not always fun we know, so we’re here to make the process easier. ‘Cause all we want to do is ensure that EVERY part of your uni experience is ✨golden✨ And what better way than to show off our five favourite study tools, complete with discounts and a SparkNotes summary of each tool. Cue the winner montage your entire study game is about to get revamped!

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Audible (Get it for $11.45 per month )

Ever wanted to get through your weekly readings without having to actually read? Audible is about to become your newest BFF. If you’re not the biggest fan of physical copies or of reading, then this is the perfect option for you ‘cause you can access EVERY book as a podcast. Who doesn’t love reading on easy mode?

Booktopia (Up to 75% Off RRP + an extra 10% Off)

Prep for the semester ahead without emptying your bank account in the process. We recommend bookmarking this site ‘cause you’ll be using it throughout your uni career. They carry thousands of Australian and international titles - so you’re guaranteed to find your mandatory textbooks and extra readings. Oh yeah, and their shipping is SUPER quick - procrastinators rise!

Evernote (40% Off)

Are you Studytok personified? Then why not make your notes on-the-go just like you? Evernote makes taking colourful and personalised notes as easy as running late to your 9am lecture. Completely online, this paperless way of note-taking will become your go-to in no time.

Grammarly (20% Off Grammarly Premium)

When your essay needs to be written in 2x speed and you barely have time to proofread your final product - Grammarly will become your saviour. Utilise this AI-powered desktop app that works with you while you type on Google Docs or even while you’re composing emails to your tutor asking for a very necessary extension 🫣 Never get confused between they’re, their or there again!

Typo (15% Off Sitewide)

Sometimes, you gotta go old school with your study habits and buckle down with ye olde pen and paper. Stock your desks with personalised notebooks, planners, endless supplies of pens + highlighters, calendars and SO much more. Make organising your units a lot easier with all of these tools at your disposal.

Hit the ground SPRINTING with these essentials by your side for the entirety of your course. Good luck in the year ahead, and be sure to tune into constant updates, life advice and amazing deals 🤩

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