TikTok channels to follow for hobby inspiration


TikTok is a great place to consume bite-sized videos of dances, lip-sync, comedy and other talents. Well that’s what all the official descriptions of TikTok say, but they never tell you that it might take over your life and change your screen time forever. I recently fell down a TikTok rabbit hole on one of my many long nights scrolling through the For You page and discovered that amongst the dance vids and Vine-throwbacks, there’s a massive community of creative people sharing their talents with the world.

These are the accounts I’m loving for my daily dose of inspiration to get out of bed (and off TikTok) to try a new hobby.


Follow LLusion for creative remixes of popular songs. Watch as he turns “Don’t Start Now” from an absolute bop, to a lo-fi, chilled out masterpiece. He makes remixes so easy that I wanna run to the nearest JB Hi Fi and pick up a launchpad for myself.


did a full 180 into flavor town

♬ Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa

Making music doesn’t always require the best tech, sometimes you don’t even need instruments. Check out Finlidrappermusic for his recreations of popular songs using things around the house like glasses of water and forks.


Request from @laurarose0208 What was the best Wii game?? ##fyp ##xyzbca ##wii ##nintendo

♬ original sound - finlidrappermusic


More time at home means fewer excuses to eat-out! If you’re in the mood to be wowed by some good looking food, check out Baytalasadi for some recipe inspo. They’ve created some really simple and tasty meals but put a spin on the way it’s presented.


Tag your favorite food blogger so I can make their recipes next. @delish ##foodies ##foodvideos ##recipevideos ##musicvideo ##cinematic ##llusionmusic

♬ 90mph TREFUEGO but its a chill lofi beat - llusionmusic


Before you donate the clothes you no longer wear, consider tie-dying them and you might come out with a masterpiece (plus the process is fun). Masonjonesartwork shows heaps of techniques on how to properly tie-dye clothes and he even sells some pieces.


Ice tie dye tutorial 🥶🌀 ##tiedye ##diy

♬ original sound - cort_d


I’ve been obsessed with wanting to sketch buildings and architecture ever since that one scene in ‘500 Days of Summer’ where Tom sketches their city on Summer’s arm.


You know the one.

Get inspired by Itscaart’s sketches of buildings, anime and portraits.


Bored during quarantine? ##art ##learnontiktok ##fyp

♬ 아무노래(Any song) - 지코 (ZICO)


Get your outfit inspo from the king and queen of tiktok fashion @wisdm8 and @the.navarose who honestly give me wardrobe envy with their lookbooks inspired by music and colours. Brb, raiding my wardrobe.


Remaking runway looks, but on a budget. ##rickowens ##saintlaurent ##hedislimane ##dior ##bottegaveneta

♬ original sound - wisdm8

and you all thought I only listen to bts 🤷🏻‍♀️ some of my favorite albums as outfits bc I have too many! ##tiktokfashion ##mystyle ##outfits

♬ Them Changes - Thundercat


I aspire to have as many plants as [jonnyreece]https://www.tiktok.com/@jonnyreece?source=h5_m) one day. He'll show you the best plants for indoors and some tips and tricks on plant maintenance. Time to start your indoor plant collection!


Easiest house plants ranked 😅 ##indoorplants ##houseplants ##plantlover ##plantslover ##plantparents ##plantdad

♬ ALL IN - ZaeHD & CEO


I consider organising and deep cleaning to be a hobby because it brings you joy and lets you express your creativity in a different way. Plus it's so darn satisfying to watch someone else do it in a timelapse. Follow @lovenaheeda to get inspired to organise everything from your closet to your pantry.


Clothes organisation: MEN’S Edition! ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou ##homeorganization ##organization ##tiktokstorage

♬ Vibe (If I Back It Up) - Cookiee Kawaii


I've been following a bunch of channels who have started a series of them renovating areas in their home. But @yorkielover2020 is probably the most productive of us whilst at home in quarantine, she's renovated her shed, bathroom, porch and managed to make a desk at home. Check out her vids below!


I’ll edit Day two on tiktok so it doesn’t look so bad ##coronasucks ##foryoupage ##bored ##morningcoffee ##morning ##happyathome ##tikrok_india

♬ Novice Juggler - Joey Pecoraro

how much you wanna bet that @kmitchboy scuffs up my cabinets within the next 24 hours?

♬ About Me - Kadet & Elijah.

Stay tuned for part 2! (Also, this was prefilmed so that my mom wouldn’t see the swing before the reveal).

♬ Novice Juggler - Joey Pecoraro

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